Jewelry Care

Jewelery must be properly cared for against dust and pollution. Daily wear can cloud the brilliance of a gemstone and dull the surface of silver and gold plating. Some basic care can help preserve and protect your designs for years to come.

Most jewelery can be maintained with a non-abrasive jewellery cleaner. If worn often, pearls should be cleaned and restrung professionally once a year. Avoid exposing gold to household bleach and perfumes, which will quickly cause gold to disintegrate and discolor. Silver tarnishes rapidly when exposed to salt air and products containing sulphur, such as rubber gloves and certain papers. To remove tarnish, we recommend a non-abrasive silver polish. Storage is also important. At the time of purchase, all our is package jewellery is in a protective air tight box, case or tarnish-resistant pouch.

When not in use, we recommend that you place your jewellery in its original casing provided by Khazana Jewels. Take care to protect your jewellery from impact against hard surfaces and avoid contact with abrasive surfaces. Many stones such as amethyst, emerald, pearl, peridot and tourmaline are all very delicate and easily bruised. Enameling can also chip or scratch when struck. Extreme temperatures, perfumes, cosmetics and household chemicals can also damage jewellery. We suggest that you avoid wearing your jewellery during any activity that would expose it to these risks.

Basic Jewelry Care

  • Avoid from contact of any Chemicals i.e Perfume, Sprays, Water.
  • Keep Jewellery in Airtight Boxes.
  • Wipe Jewellery with a soft cotton cloth.
  Avoid leaving jewellery in the bathroom, as the steam from the shower can also tarnish your jewellery.

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